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Your dreams are a window to your soul. If you would like one of our professional psychics to explain the meaning of one of your dreams you can email us with the details of your dream and every fortnight we will select one and post the interpretation here call a phone psychic today. We would appreciate it if you could include a name and any additional information that you feel may be relevant to the dream. This service is free and Anonymity is assured, we will not publish any names or personal details, these are purely to aid our analyst in their interpretation. Call a real psychic today for in-depth dream analysis.

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A few anthropologists and neuroscientists have suggested that we are in the early stages of a great evolutionary leap, learning to use parts of our brain/mind that previously were unactualized. Metaphysicians have urges that we are growing into greater resonance with higher, interpenetrating levels of reality that have surrounded us all along

Whatever the ultimate explanation for this rising tide of exploration may be, we have chosen to deal more with the practical interface of psychic readers and their clients.

So, stop by often. Take an online course from our Virtual Classroom. Experience our psychic readers and astrologers. We believe you’ll find the best readers here! It’s refreshing to know that your “psychic or astrological session” is charged by the hour, not by the minute. No more guessing about minutes and being overcharged. Remember, you only pay by the hour, one fee. Period!

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with the details of your dream.

Dreaming of a new child call a phone psychic

I was walking into a mall with this man i knew (whom I have casually seen for 4 years) and we were just talking normally. I was looking down and then I looked up and he had these little arms wrapped around his shoulders. Tiny blue shoes bobbing around his waist. Then I saw this little face appear and stare at me. And I knew it was mine. I must admit she was quite cute really. Brown wavy hair and dainty dark blue dress. Then I woke up and have been freaking out ever since.