Choosing a Virtual PBX Phne System In Sydney

Choosing a virtual phone system provider can be a little daunting at first. With so many options to choose from it can be hard to sift through the many features these providers offer to find which are best for you. As long time users of different virtual PBX providers we took it upon ourselves to summarize the features and services we liked best to help make your decision as easy as possible.  contact

Browse our summaries below and see what phone systems works best for you. Whether you are looking for a system for your home, office or you need 800 numbers for your business there is a provider and a service here that will suit your needs. View our favorites and try a free trial today so you can focus on your business without having to sweat the small details.

Virtual Phone System Reviews

What did we like most about Futura? A better question is what didn’t we like. Their customer service is top notch and they have a ton of plans and convenient features to choose from. With plans starting at $9.88/month pre-paid their pricing can’t be beat. If you are a small business owner then will give you the best value by far. Try their 30 day free trial and see why we can’t stop raving about Below are just a few reasons why we love this company for our virtual phone system needs:

Great customer service
International numbers available
Multiple incoming lines available
Unlimited extensions (great for offices!)
Home and business plans to choose from

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Fututa has so many features in can be a little overwhelming. We loved how we could do “virtually” anything with the service we used them from them but there was a small learning curve because of all of the advanced settings. While we were figuring their user interface out we called them multiple times and each time there was no wait and their customer service reps were more than helpful. We recommend RingCentral for the advanced user that wants granular control over their settings. See what features we loved about RingCentral below:

Futura iPhone app can’t be beat
Microsoft Office and Outlook integration
24 hour customer service with short wait times
Plans starting for as little as $9.99/month prepaid
Unlimited calls and texts within the U.S. and Canada

Futura’s virtual PBX has been offering virtual phone system services for a while and it shows. This is one company that you won’t waste precious time on the phone with while you work out service issues. If you need a reliable virtual phone system at a great price than VirtualPBX has what you’re looking for. The only feature we felt they were missing was the ability to send outbound faxes over the internet. If faxing isn’t an option you’re looking for then check out the great features below:

True ACD queing
Unlimited extensions
24 hour customer service
International numbers available
Business or personal call identification

Choosing a virtual phone system for the first time can be a little overwhelming. At first you’re not sure which features will best suit your home phone or business needs. We were there once too but with a little trial and error we figured it out and eventually found the right virtual PBX for our needs. Below are some features we either needed or grew to use for our business. Use these as a guideline for what to look for in a Virtual PBX service provider.

Top 8 FUTURA PBX Features

Global Numbers– This feature is essential for those who do business globally. It allows you to have a local number in any country you’d like. This helps give the impression that you are a global company and also makes it easier to get a leg up on your competition by establishing a presence in other countries before they do.

Click-to-call– What a great feature! We’ve used this and had great success with it. With “Click-to-Call” you can place a button on your site which will allow your visitor to easily call you with the click of a button. It’s a great way to interact with your visitors and can help convert a potential customer who otherwise

Mobile Access– Stay connected to your business when you are out of the office. This feature is great for the busy entrepreneur who is always on the go and allows you to give the impression that you are always in the office. RingCentral customers have access to even more features if they have an iPhone. With the RingCentral app you can make calls from your office number or send and receive faxes right from you phone.

Internet Fax– Internet fax allows you to send and receive faxes via your virtual phone number. This way you can read faxes on your computer or smart phone, easily store them in your account or computer, or print them out if you prefer. We love how this helps us be “green” by saving paper and reducing costs.

Microsoft Outlook Integration– This feature is a must for those who live and die by their Blackberry. Currently Outlook integration is only available with RingCentral (one more reason to love them) so if you use RingCentral this feature will give you the ability to make calls from Outlook, send faxes directly from Microsoft Office documents (great when you’re on the go and trying to make a deadline,) and have faxes delivered to your Outlook inbox.

Message on Hold Plans– This is a feature we never even thought about but quickly realized we couldn’t live without it. With a message on hold plan, you can have whatever message you like to play while the caller is on hold. Use this feature to promote new products, promotions, or answer frequently asked questions. We’ve found that it not only improved sales but also cut back on the amount of time we spent on customer service.

Text Voicemail– This feature is pretty self-explanatory. It allows you to have voicemails sent to you as text messages so you can read them instead of listen to them in those instances when you can’t answer your phone. We’ve found this feature to be very useful when we’re in business meetings, at the movies, or during international roaming.

Voicemail Interrupt– This feature allows you to screen unknown callers by listening to their message as they’re leaving it and jumping in on the call if you feel it’s important. We like this feature when we get calls after business hours because it allows us to decide if the call is worth taking even though we aren’t working.