Well lets get started. Hunters like all the other classes split into to 3 sub classes (Assassins, Scouts, and Rangers) each with their own unique style of game play. My personal favorite out of the three has to be Scout. Scouts focus more on traps instead of using the actual bow. Hunters are a very mobile class able to roam around during pvp without being bothered most of the time. Also unloads mass amounts of damage without needing much time to cast.  Scouts contain many deadly traps that can help dominate during pve or during pvp.


Above shows few of the main traps that a scout can use. All able to do a great deal of damage to mobs and during pvp. The only down fall is that once the traps are placed they cannot be moved or adjusted so timing is essential when it comes to pvping.  When pvping scouts must keep close in order to do damage. It’s a bit of a let down but once  you learned when to place your traps down  enemy’s will drop like flies. I tend to wait till i can either knock down or freeze an enemy before placing a trap down in order to maximize damage. Using line trap, and bullet rap stuns an enemy for a moment giving you time to start unloading skill on your opponent. If the situation gets a bit out of hand and you get cornered Scouts are given traps of freezing,  explosion, and fire .That gives the user a chance to escape if in danger from being killed.  Although for that one downfall of being unable to adjust or move your traps I still belive Scouts are very fun class to use and shouldn’t be underestimated during fights.

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