If you enjoy working outdoors and have an apt for technology then working as an HVAC Technician could be your calling.

Education and experience is almost always required in this industry, however; there are the rare opportunities for paid internship where you learn on the job for a set amount of time before you are hired as a permanent staff member.

Such opportunities are extremely limited though, so getting the appropriate education and experience will better prepare you for landing a position as HVAC Concord NC.

Getting the Right Education
The right education will vary depending on the area that you live, but will typically include vocational training at a community college. A high aptitude for mathematics, and a high school diploma or GED will also be required for a company to hire you. Companies who hire HVAC Technicians seek employees that are intelligent, so doing well in school will help you land a job. Many states also require that you become HVAC certified. You will want to check with your state to find out if you are required to get an HVAC certification. If you must get a license it should not be too difficult with the proper training you will receive from attending a vocational program at a community college.

Getting the Right Experience
Finding opportunities to gain experience as an HVAC technician can be difficult, but if you ask your instructors while attending school for recommendation, you will have an easier time gaining experience in the areas you need. In addition to finding opportunities at school you may be able to volunteer your time at a nonprofit organization. Nonprofits are always short on cash and would be extremely grateful to have an HVAC trainee volunteer his time. Also, volunteer work looks great on a resume, so you may be able to get find a position right before graduating from your vocational program.

How Much Can I Make?
As a qualified HVAC Concord NC you can make anywhere from $20,000 to $190, 000 a year. It will obviously depend on your training and experience. As a level 1 HVAC Technician you can expect to make $40,000 a year, but as a supervisor your income jumps significantly from $40,000 to $62,000 a year. The higher up the food chain paired with more years of experience results in significantly more pay.

What Type of Work Will I Do?
As a level 1 HVAC Technician you can expect to do basic upkeep of equipment, but as a level 2 you will install new equipment and maintain existing machines. As a supervisor or designer you can expect to plan, supervise and train new technicians.