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Video Conference Push To Talk Mode Option

Video Conference Push To Talk Mode Option

Push To Talk Mode Conferencing

Video conferencing Unlimited includes an exclusive “Push to Talk” mode. In Push to Talk, your microphone is automatically muted when you are NOT pressing the “Talk” button, an ideal feature for lectures, legal depositions, etc. or just managing the conversation flow of a conference.

File-Sharing During a Conference

Select a file you wish to transfer to the conference participant of your chose, and with the simple click of your mouse, share any document, picture, data file, etc.

Instant Chat

You can use the Instant Chat function at any time during a running conference. Just type a message, assign who you wish to receive the text message and begin communicating without having to interrupt a conversation.

Joint Web-browsing

Share your favorite blog, review a technical manual together or read the same newspaper article with FaceConferencing’s unique Joint Web-browsing feature. Just type in the desired web address in the browser bar and your conference partners will be able to see what you see online.

Mute Audio / Send or Stop Video & Data Transmission

In the “Conference Control” panel, you can activate or deactivate the transmission of your audio or video at any time during a conference by simply clicking the corresponding microphone or webcam icon. Furthermore, the Moderator of the conference can disable or enable other conference participants’ audio, video and or even their data transmission (file sharing, desktop sharing, etc.). An ideal function for online lecturing, legal depositions, board meetings, slow Internet connections, etc. or privacy preferences.

Audio Conferencing Integration

FaceConferencing offers telephone-based Audio Conferencing integration with all video conferences. This useful feature is ideal if you do not have a functioning microphone/speakers/headset to use with your computer, prefer to speak via telephone, or want to take part in a conference but are unable to access a computer compatible with FaceConferencing.